HELP! - Tandem inner tube keeps blowing!

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Keith Bennett
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Re: HELP! - Tandem inner tube keeps blowing!

Postby Keith Bennett » 15 Sep 2015, 9:47am

I can't see any mention of the tyre being blown off the rim so find it difficult to understand how a tube can make its way between an inflated tyre and the wall of the rim. When rubber inner tubes were being replaced by butyl I remember tubes failing with a long split on a moulding line around the circumference. I did however have a series of tyres blowing off the rims, pre hooked rims, probably by over-inflation. I fitted two rim tapes on each, wheel problem solved, it never happened again however the rim tapes in those days were a lot thicker than todays. Of course this would only remedy the problem if caused by the tyre blowing off the rim.