How to attach old Karrimor panniers

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How to attach old Karrimor panniers

Postby steveparry » 18 Jul 2015, 10:58pm

I hope the photos work! I think these may be front panniers - not sure... But I can't figure out how to attach them. I want to attach to my rear rack - see photo. There are no clips only one strap at bottom of each and the velcro'd together pair have two rings on each presumably for attaching at top. But if they are meant for the front perhaps this is unwise/dangerous? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Steve

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Re: How to attach old Karrimor panniers

Postby mercalia » 18 Jul 2015, 11:47pm

looks to me that they just flop over the rear rack. then some how the straps are there to secure the bottoms, to stop them flopping around. My motor cycle panniers are the same - joined by heavy duty velcro. works well when loaded down. I think the top eyelets are to convert the separate parts into a shoulder bag. The strap must have another half to make the secure attachment ( 3rd & 4th pictures?)
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Re: How to attach old Karrimor panniers

Postby foxyrider » 18 Jul 2015, 11:52pm

Donate to a museum! I'm sure in the 70's they were cutting edge but given you can get much better for under £20 I don't think they are worth the effort of trying to make safe/improve.
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Re: How to attach old Karrimor panniers

Postby Brucey » 19 Jul 2015, 11:07am

OK I'm really dredging the memory banks here because there isn't an archived brochure that I can find easily (maybe a 1980's 'freewheel catalogue'...anyone?).

But IIRC Karrimor did some midsized panniers for a few years that were intended to go on the front or the rear. They were basically enlarged front panniers. Their front panniers for conventional (high) front racks had previously been smaller bags that were permanently joined together by a fabric piece and were mounted using straps in the same way as yours are (I still have a set of these in the back of the cupboard!). So your panniers look like a design based on the older front panniers. These panniers were never intended to carry a heavy load; this would tend to make the machine unstable; I only ever used mine for additional clothing really.

With this design you can't use bungy hooks at the bottom because the whole shooting match will slide to one side or the other if the weight is slightly uneven. As you have no doubt spotted getting the bags on and off is a bit of a faff; this is fine when you are cycle camping, it is just once a day, but it is no good at all for daily commuting; for this purpose there are much better options.

The other little snagette is that you are reliant on 25 year old Velcro and a couple of press studs to keep the bags together and therefore attached to the bike securely. I wouldn't automatically have deep faith in that arrangement, and lashing the bags to one another with parachute cord through the D rings would seem prudent. You could perhaps use bungies through the D rings too, to secure the panniers to the rack more securely.

BTW the D rings are really for attaching other stuff to the top of the rack, I think; tent poles, that kind of thing.

So I'd cheerfully use those bags as front bags when cycle camping, with a light load, but not for any serious weight on a daily basis. For that purpose there are any number of better options.