Here's a puzzle for you...

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Re: Here's a puzzle for you...

Postby Mick F » 1 Jul 2015, 2:31pm

Just checked.
Maybe half a mile before our binoculars are at infinity.

A mile was a bit too far. :oops:

The moon is about 250,000miles away, so it's all a bit academic really.
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Re: Here's a puzzle for you...

Postby TonyR » 1 Jul 2015, 6:20pm

Mick F wrote:Not ours.
Ours need focusing up to a mile or thereabouts.
Ours are small 10x25 Bushmasters.

I suppose the focusing thing is dependent on the magnification. Bigger magnification means the need to focus further out.

Proportional to the magnification and the F-number of the lens. Better binoculars will have faster lenses which reduces the depth of field. But I would guess Manc33's £15 binoculars have a low magnification and high F-number so a large depth of field.

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Re: Here's a puzzle for you...

Postby Manc33 » 2 Jul 2015, 1:10am

The ones I used were the ones Aldi had on sale about 5 years ago, they were more like £8 - £10. They do have a bad vignette on them, actually its terrible, but they are made in Germany and aren't bottom of the barrel binoculars. They look like the Nikon 10x25 ones that are £50.

I was looking at those Canon "IS" ones last night, that's what you want... not at £230 though. :shock:

A used pair of a better model of them (still Canon IS ones) was £600 on a famous auction website.

There's a better pair than those 10x25 lying around the house somewhere but, its finding them. :oops:
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Re: Here's a puzzle for you...

Postby 661-Pete » 2 Jul 2015, 8:44am

If you want reasonable quality binoculars, or even a telescope, at a knock-down price, try Lidl. Our local branch doesn't do them, it's too small and is groceries only. But I know of fellow amateur astronomers who've bought decent kit at larger Lidl outlets. Or you could try online.
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