My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

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My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

Postby roubaixtuesday » 21 Feb 2021, 6:37pm

We own a Tandem, and had a trailer for the kids. But I never knew my Grandparents did, and have just acquired some photos.

Here you have

- Tandem and Sidecar
- my mum or one of her siblings
- offroad touring in mid Wales (!!)

Photos are late 30s or early 40s

Screenshot_20210221-172815_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20210221-172939_Video Player.jpg
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Re: My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

Postby fausto copy » 23 Feb 2021, 10:31am

Great pics.
It's surprising how many folks had them, back in the day.

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Re: My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

Postby drossall » 23 Feb 2021, 5:56pm

Taken I assume by my grandmother, this is my grandfather with their tandem. They weren't club riders or anything; it's just that, in those days, so many people rode. I wish I knew where it was taken; they lived in south London, but it could have been anywhere.
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Re: My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

Postby Paulatic » 23 Feb 2021, 7:29pm

Admiring the child asleep in the sidecar. I apparently woke up every time my parents stopped an incentive to keep on pedalling. :D
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Re: My Grandparents' Tandem and Sidecar

Postby Campag » 23 Feb 2021, 8:10pm

We had a tandem and sidecar in the 1990's. Then a child seat on the back of the tandem. Then 'kiddy cranks'. Then her own bike and/or a Rann trailer.

The bairn would regularly fall asleep within minutes of setting off, I assume because of the travelling motion and comfort of being strapped in to a secure seat or sidecar. Once happened while on the kiddy cranks on a very hot day at the FFCT rally in Mer (Loire valley). Fortunately I had installed a rectangular safety frame around the handlebars and back seat.

Another bonus was after slogging uphill carrying the extra weight on the child seat. We would stop at the top for a breather. And a little voice would ask why we had stopped ....

Happy days.