Islabike choc or Beinn for 4YO?

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Islabike choc or Beinn for 4YO?

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I have a fairly tall 3YO who turns 4 in a couple of months and I want to get her a next size up for birthday/summer. She's been riding a Woom 2 easily since just turned 3. She's pretty nifty on it and enjoys it just fine but not uber confident or daring (just her personality) We have it on the highest setting now and she's just able to plant her feet on the ground so I think her inside leg is about 48cm which makes the islabike 20 inch small an ideal choice since this is exactly the minimum leg length. However it seems it comes in this size as both gears (beinn) or starter bike (choc) My question is does she need to be proficient at switching gears to ride a geared bike or can she just leave them alone? (Sorry if that's a really daft question) And also what age do kids tend to want to try gears? Is it a bit of a moot point for such a young kid and therefore not worth the extra £100 the geared model costs? I'm open to any other suggestions of bikes too btw but am favouring the islabike so far as it's one of the only 20inch ones she'd be tall enough for and surely the extra tyre width will help with stamina etc if we want to do family bike rides this summer? TIA :D
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Re: Islabike choc or Bien for 4YO?

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Yes, you can simply put the Beinn in a single gear (equivalent to the Cnoc) and let her ride it, no problem. As long as she fits the bike, then go for the Beinn as you're better future-proofed - for a little while, at least!

She'll fiddle with the gears soon enough, anyway. :D
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Re: Islabike choc or Bien for 4YO?

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As above. And you can make the gears unchangeable if you choose.


PS: Have you spotted the market in preloved Islabikes... it's quite unlike anything else that I know. And we're working through it with grandchildren. : - )
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