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Re: Testing

Postby landsurfer » 5 Aug 2017, 7:47pm

" My wife is now a cyclist.

I have encouraged all my grandkids and children to cycle, but my wife would not.
Lack of confidence, age (only she thinks about her age) and lack of fitness have discouraged her for years.
I have tried to explain that cycling is not about Time Trials, the majority of her exposure to cycling in her 20's and 30's, but about having fun, and getting a little more mobile at the same time.

Then last Friday;

My wife took delivery of a Viking electric motor assisted bicycle.

Although young, <55, she has a minor disability as a result of abscesses in the bone marrow of her lower tib and fib as a child, leading to major surgery.
She cannot exert much force on pedals.
Today we set off from ASDA in Hayle, rode to St Ives then back to St Erth then back to Hayle ... 9 miles in total.
She pedalled all the way, the motor in her bike does not assist unless you pedal.
She was so excited, full of confidence.

Portreath to Fox House today.

Marizon to Mousehole tomorrow.

The rest of the family are banned from "Nana's Bike " ...... :lol: "

The Road Goes On Forever