Family cycling on Isle of Bute

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Family cycling on Isle of Bute

Postby manxaccie » 3 May 2018, 9:31am


Does anyone know how busy and hilly the road from Rothsey to Port Bannatyne is on the Isle of Bute?

Thinking of taking my 7 year old over and just want to check the route is suitable? I know there's the old tram route from Port Bannatyne to Ettrick Bay, which will be off road.

Thanks for any help


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Re: Family cycling on Isle of Bute

Postby wisdish » 20 May 2018, 9:55pm

Just seen this hope my reply isn’t too late.
The road to Port Bannatyne is effectively flat. There are cars especially if the ferry has just got in but sight lines are good and we have cycled along it many times with our children (now age 8 and 13).