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toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 27 Jul 2018, 1:40pm
by abigailelce
Any advice on a bike seat for 2 year old toddler that is easy to switch between bikes and to be used on two tourer type bikes. One of the bikes has cables on the seat tube so I read that this would rule out options that attach to seat tube??? Was looking at the Thule Ride Along but thinking this might not work.
Any advice please

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 27 Jul 2018, 8:44pm
by Cyril Haearn
This question has been asked before, try searching these fora
More than 1m posts here :wink:

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 6:23am
by SimonCelsa
The thule ride along, as with many childs bike seats, is designed to be used with a bracket that clamps to the seat tube.

Having brake or gear cables on the seat tube can make fitting a little problematic, but not impossible. They are 'flexible' cables after all and they can be slightly rerouted if necessary. I had a similar problem on the tandem with the rear brake cable which fed through a lug on the stoker seattube. This was slap bang right where I needed to fit the seatclamp. The only solution was to crop off the lug (hacksaw) and reroute the cable a little using zip ties/pvc tape or similar. Brake still works fine & kiddie happy in their seat!!

Obviously I wouldn't recommend hacking bits off an expensive touring bike but there may be other less extreme options.

tandem kiddie seat.jpg

PS when buying the seat, factor in the cost of an additional bracket for a 2nd bike, these can be quite expensive for what they are. You are sometimes better off searching ebay for a used seat which comes with a 2nd spare bracket.

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 10:13am
by garryboy
I use the Wee ride on my old hybrid. Ideal for my son he's 2 at the moment and fits in it ok. Maybe growing out of it sooner rather than later though.

Much better for him and me than a rear mounted seat. Means we can talk as we're riding point things out to him ect and he can go for a nap on it too.

Bought it for £20 of Gumtree and I'm sure I'll get my money back on it.

He loves it although it's hard to tell from that picture lol. Image

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Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 8:38pm
by gaz
BITD we used a Co-pilot Limo, a rack mounted child seat compatible with Blackburn Expedition racks. We equipped three bikes with the relevant racks, it was very easy to switch the seat between them.

No longer available, however there are a number of other rack mounted seats currently on the market.

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 29 Jul 2018, 9:16pm
by Vorpal
+one for the Co-pilot Limo. We got ours off ebay.

The only disadvantage is that you can't use panniers at the same time as the child seat.

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 1 Oct 2018, 6:25pm
by latequartet
We used Yepp Maxi and then Yepp Junior mounted on the rear rack ... that meant having a rack long enough that you could also hang luggage on ... we found ways round that: either you can get a rack extender or in our case a custom rack.

Re: toddler Bike Seat advice

Posted: 1 Oct 2018, 7:52pm
by rjb
Ive got a Beto child seat and dedicated rack for sale if you are anywhere near Taunton. £20 collected.
bike seat 3.JPG
bike seat 2.JPG
bike seat 1.jpeg

The seat slides on and off the rack.