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Re: Help me! Complete novice who needs to travel with toddler.

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 12:29pm
by jh27
Vorpal wrote:
skyhawk wrote:
As a single father of three sons(all their lives) just my word of caution, as a driver like most of us are, i would personally never have a youngster on a bike on the main road especially one of those LOW follow me things, just think how invisible to morons recumbent bikes are.

You may be the most amazing caring cyclist, but it only takes a moment for a life of regret, and you say you are a novice, enough to concentrate on and learn without a precious life on the back, sorry.

Actually, I had many fewer close passes and stupid **** from drivers with children on the bike, or in trailers than without.

Also, unusual equipment, like recumbents seem to get noticed mroe, as well.

Anyway, a recumbent is no lower than a fancy sports car. Those sure get noticed.

edited to add: The risks of cycling are similar to those of walking, and the risks of driving are much higher, if you include the difference due to benefits that result from active travel. In other words, the benefits of active travel far outweigh the risk. As a parent of two kids and someone whose profession is safety & risk, my kids have been on bike since they were very small.

That, and... you won't be safe on the pavement and perhaps not even in your car - from the drivers who don't even see what is directly in front of them. Oh and... our roads need to be safer, and putting our bikes on the road is probably best way to achieve that - through critical mass (lower case, not that I have anything against Critical Mass).

Re: Help me! Complete novice who needs to travel with toddler.

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 12:34pm
by jh27
Vorpal wrote:
jh27 wrote:
Tangled Metal wrote:A decent hybrid bike with rack and pannier(s) plus a good child seat like hamax siesta that can tilt back.

Panniers and a child seat? I had a Hamax Siesta and was never able to fit a pannier at the same time.

It depends upon the positioning of both. On my hybrid, I could use both child seat & panniers, but the foot rests came down over the panniers, so I could not have anything in the top, nor fill them very full. I could use them enough for waterproofs, nappies, snacks, and a few smaller items, shopping.

Probably didn't help that my panniers were large (Ortlieb Backroller) as was my daughter (about 5 or 6 when I stopped using it). :)