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Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 9:32am
by manxaccie

My son is a big train fan and was thinking about going for a cycle between Beattock and Lockerbie. There looks to be a few minor roads joining up at times with the B7076 - the old A74.

Does anyone know if this would be a fairly quiet and flat route, suitable for a 9 year old?

Many thanks


Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 9:41am
by landsurfer
The route from Lockerbie to Beattock is a lovely ride ... if your riding on to Beattock Summit you have a very long but gentle climb but ideal for trainspotting, i've driven with ways many and cycled both ways as well .... bit of a grinding day out for a 9 yr old maybe.
Unless ...
You get dropped off at the summit, ride north to Abington services then back to the Summit before the long downhill back to Lockerbie ... that sounds like a 9 year olds day out .... It's how my 9 year old would want to do it ... :)

Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 3:53pm
by Wanlock Dod
The B road between Lochmaben and Beattock is a considerably nicer ride than the signposted NCN74 close to the motorway. This is principally because the cycle route employs painted cycle lanes for all of its length and these tend to encourage some very close and fast passes at the best of times. There are some lovely quiet lanes between Lockerbie and Templand to reach the nicer quieter road although at the North end it requires a short section on a trunk road to reach the back road into Beattock. This could be avoided by joining the NCN74 by a short link road just South of the junction with the trunk road. The cycle route just crosses the main road to join a fairly rubbish but segregated cycle path.

Going Beattock to Lockerbie is generally downhill.

Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 8:15pm
by Paulatic
OK my front room is 10 yards off the WCML Wamphray G F so mid point between Beattock and Lockerbie.
As already stated Beattock to Lockerbie is predominantly downhill.
The painted cycleway is without problem for a 9yo until Johnstonebridge The section Johnstonebridge to Lockerbie is busier because of Lorry park and so much transport dependent industry. The route i offer gives you views of the railway for 90% of the time and gives you only 1 mile on the busier section. The lorry park is a good stop for food and at the turn off route 74 one mile further on on that railway bridge there is a Bench Mark see if you can spot it.


Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 10:50pm
by Paulatic
I’ve just had a rethink on that last section after turn off with bench mark.
It cuts out a hill and gets you passed all the timber and power plant. Gives you 100 yds back on B7076 before there is a separated cycle path on rhs.

Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 23 Jul 2019, 11:02pm
by landsurfer
This is pure Paulatic country ... follow his lead on this ....

Re: Lockerbie to Beattock

Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 8:43am
by manxaccie
Thanks a lot everyone for taking the time to reply. It’s extremely helpful to get your expert advice.