Marioitts way- where to start?

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Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby martinn » 24 Jul 2019, 4:15pm

Hi all

I am going to Norfolk on holiday, and looking at riding on the Marriott way with the family. We cant do the whole in one day, (kids are 11,8 and 4 and 4) so I am looking to drive, and park somewhere, and do a there and back route.
On Google maps there is a Car Park (Small) near Lenwade. So I thought we could park there and ride towards Norwich, and then another day ride the other way. (I understand there is a diversion due to an unsafe bridge).

Anyone have a better idea based on experience or local knowledge. Or another better family route
(If it makes a difference, the two eldest are on there own bikes, as is my wife. I will be riding a tandem with a follow-me attachment on the back)

many thanks


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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby hamster » 24 Jul 2019, 4:23pm

Personally I'd start at Lenwade, if you make the whole distance to Aylsham then they can have a ride on the Bure Valley Railway. It's a quiet area and there is other parking nearby if you are stuck.

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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby fastpedaller » 24 Jul 2019, 6:42pm

I'm sure you can park at Reepham Station for free (there is a cafe and handmade furniture outlet - also a BIKE repair shed). Check the closing time though, as the car park has a locked barrier!

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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby mjr » 24 Jul 2019, 6:51pm

Others know more than me about parking. Be aware that it's deep sand, gnarly gravel, stone road and dirt track outside the city limits, except for a few stretches like the new bridge over the outer outer ring road.

I don't really know child friendly routes in east Norfolk. I hear good things about weaver's way but I've no idea what state the surface is in.
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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby Bsteel » 24 Jul 2019, 7:00pm

Good choice with Reepham station although the car-park seems to have been reduced in size at the moment. There may also still be unlimited free parking in Reepham town. If you use Reepham as a base it may be worth considering using the road to ride to Whitwell station and rejoing the Marriott from there as the Themelthorpe loop adds a couple of miles and the surface is more single track and less path than the rest of the route towards Norwich.
Another parking option is Attlebridge which has a small grass car-park hidden away just where the Marriott crosses the road.

I think that the path alongside the Bure valley railway is also open to cycles so that is an option if the the train ride doesn't appeal.

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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby Cunobelin » 24 Jul 2019, 7:36pm

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Re: Marioitts way- where to start?

Postby paddler » 24 Jul 2019, 8:37pm

There is a small car park in Lenwade, and that is where the bridge was closed. It has since re-opened (or was a few weeks ago.) There is also parking at Taverham.

I've never come across any deep sand but in winter some sections near Taverham can become boggy. Under bridges seem to be the problem, presumably they don't dry out so quickly.

If you do go to Aylsham there are some nice trails around Blickling Estate.

As noted above, The Themelthorpe Loop is single track, but is a nice section none the less.

Also agree about the Bure Valley railway path - it's a nice ride but nearly nine miles each way and I'm not aware whether bikes can go on the trains.

I have also ridden the Weavers Way from Aylsham to Stalham and it's really nice. Some parts of that were sandy and narrow though - haven't been on it for a few years now so possibly could be better.