Kwikfold foldable ebike

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Kwikfold foldable ebike

Postby mercalia » 12 Sep 2019, 12:17am

I came across this rather cute foldable ebike out side Bexhill rail station. You pull the handle and the 2 wheels come together

click to enlarge
Kwikfold 2.jpg

Is 6 speed derailleur

Anyone know more about these bikes?

The owner said he bought it 2nd hand for £450
seemed nicely made

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Re: Kwikfold foldable ebike

Postby hemo » 12 Sep 2019, 10:20am

There is a thread on Pedelecs , user Marwood Hill has one and loves it. ... ost-481290

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Re: Kwikfold foldable ebike

Postby reohn2 » 12 Sep 2019, 10:27am

It's got a LOT of pivots on it to wear out :shock:
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