Electric commuter bike £2500

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Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by renlik75 »

Hi All, I’m looking to buy an e-bike to commute to work 3 days a week 25 mile round trip with some big hills.
I had a Kalkhoff a few years ago which had a weak crank and I was always concerned about the reliability of the own brand Evo RS motor. Does anyone have any bikes they would recommend? I’ve been looking at the Whyte Clifton which looks ideal. Any thoughts or recommendations will be hugely appreciated - I’ve been out of the game for a few years so I’m out of touch with the latest tech.
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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by Bonzo Banana »

If you have some serious hills then perhaps a mid-drive motor is a priority to optimise motor power but if you are commuting a lot of miles then the extra simplicity of a hub motor could be a more reliable and lower cost option.

Maybe the Carrera Crossfuse at Halfords for a mid-drive commuting bike.

or maybe something like this;


Uses standard parts, easy to upgrade and maintain.

I'm more of a hub motor guy myself but can certainly see the benefit of mid-drive where there are steep hills about though. It really depends on the motor, the weakest mid-drive motors do not perform as well as the stronger hub motors. There is zero chance I would ever buy a Bosch based ebike myself.
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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by hemo »

Hub motor for less wear and tear on the drive train.
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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by Grumpy-Grandad »

Bonzo Banana wrote: 3 Jun 2021, 12:55pm
Maybe the Carrera Crossfuse at Halfords for a mid-drive commuting bike.
Both me and my wife ride a Carrera Crossfuse and really like them. Usually ride in 'Eco' mode but use 'Sport' or 'Turbo' on a couple of hills and you can really feel the motor helping :D
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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by Janwal »

https://www.cannondale.com/en-gb/bikes/ ... k-neo-sl-2
I’ve just bought one of these as a bad weather/ winter bike having test ridden the same one my friends has. Gets lots of good reviews. Light at 15.2kg for an electric bike. Same friend has had all three types of motor,Bosch,Shimano and Mahle hub. The Mahle hub is the best all round he has used as it saves a lot of weight. Can’t fault mine so far around the hills of Huddersfield.
https://www.hargreaves-cycles.co.uk/off ... php?cat=39
I got mine local to me at the above dealers for £1400, a real bargain from their shop soiled/ demo bikes. My medium had no marks on it at all. They have some large in I believe but one of them I saw was chipped all over. Good knowledgeable owners.
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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by al_yrpal »

I have one of these https://m.bikester.co.uk/ortler-bozen-p ... 55EALw_wcB Its brilliant.

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Re: Electric commuter bike £2500

Post by [XAP]Bob »

25 miles round trip is only 12.5 each way - it really depends on how much climbing there is in that.
Don't forget to look at the *other* things that make a commuter a commuter.
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