Electric bicycle recommendations?

Electrically assisted bikes, trikes, etc.
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Re: Electric bicycle recommendations?

Postby djnotts » 1 Dec 2017, 8:28am

"its about the journey plus am not allowed to drive anymore since 2011 ...eye problems (Glaucoma)"

My apologies - my comment was more general than personal - and I fully appreciate the sight issue. While I meet the driving sight requirements, aftermath of a seriously detached retina some years ago renders my sight less perfect than I consider acceptable for motorbikes.

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Re: Electric bicycle recommendations?

Postby Graham » 1 Dec 2017, 9:17am

Be aware that the OP is posting from a network/ISP associated with spamming marketeers.

Note that the three candidates were from a single company.

I would suggest no further effort wasted here.

If I can save the good stuff from worthy contributors I will.