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nez dans le guidon
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Re: Cargo Bike Electric

Postby nez dans le guidon » 22 Oct 2017, 1:51pm

Loaner cargo bikes is a very good idea. Who needs one or has the storage for one all the time? When our local Waitrose opened it did loan bike trailers. Trouble was it is next to a hideously complex double roundabout
which I for one wouldn't consider towing a trailer across. They were quietly stashed away after a year, though I believe you can have one if you ask.

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Re: Cargo Bike Electric

Postby gucu » 22 Oct 2017, 3:57pm


Thanks for all the replies. I would be interested to see what make the loaners are.


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Re: Cargo Bike Electric

Postby hemo » 16 Nov 2017, 10:58pm

As stated the legal motor rating allowed is 250w with out over heating but a decent 250w hub can handle 600 - 700w max out put.
The power output is delivered by a combo of the battery and control 36v x amps = watts
so a 36v battery combined with a 15a rated controller = 540w nominal at the hub this will vary with the battery charge state so will be 510 - 630 watts, use a 18a rated controller you would have 648w nom at the wheel. With a bafang bpm or cst you could push 20/22a with a controller for 792a at the wheel.
Other wise the best legal motor is a bafang bbs01b mid drive 250w 25a x 36v = 900w nominal at the wheel.
For 18a controller and above you need a battery with top rated cells inside, like Samsung 30Q, Sanyo GA or Sony VCT 5 /6 cells.
All the above watts at the wheel are legal as long as the motor has a 250w rating max and manufacturers have a conformity test to be legal, there is no max amps stated that a controller must have and battery must be no more then 48v nominal as well for eapc regs.