Rear wheel tight fit. Panda motor +9 speed. ICE recumbent

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Re: Rear wheel tight fit. Panda motor +9 speed. ICE recumbent

Postby BlackPanther » 19 Sep 2018, 10:40pm

PAB855 wrote:The 20inch rear wheel with a Panda electric motor and 9 speed on my wìfe's ICE ADVENTURE recumbent trike is a very tight fit and needs to be carefully fitted in the frame by entering the drive side first. It goes in, but my concern is being in the middle of nowhere with a puncture in the rear tyre!
Yesterday it was taken out and put back, but in my garage, with a huge amount of effort and being able to have the rear of the trike jacked up on the outside of one leg of a trainer frame, which will not be coming on holiday with us!

Has anybody devised a gadget to make this easier e.g. a bracket to take the end of the spindle and rest against the rear of the dropout just to act like an extra pair of hands. If it could be screwed against the frame, could it slowly draw the spindle into the gap! Dream on?


I’ve never had a rear puncture (Marathon plus’s) but when the time comes to change a tyre, I use my trusty piece of wood, propping up the rear frame which is just long enough to hold the rear wheel 6 inches off the ground. 2 pieces of cut down inner tube hold the front brakes on, and make the whole trike surprisingly stable. Before I came up with this simple setup I used to tip my trikes on their sides, but with this there’s no danger of scratches.
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Re: Rear wheel tight fit. Panda motor +9 speed. ICE recumbent

Postby squeaker » 20 Sep 2018, 10:15am

PAB855 wrote:By the way Squeeker I could get a higher gear with a bigger tyre OD, but currently the tyres are 50-406 and the mudguards clearance is only a couple of miĺlimetres. What is a 5GI ?
5GI = 5 Gear Inches eg from 75 to 80 GI... But clearly that's not an option for you.