OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

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Re: ORBEA (Not OBREA) GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby robgul » 3 Jul 2019, 7:30am

Brucey wrote:am I the only one who finds it surprising that this thread has been running for over a year and the title has not been corrected?... :shock:


Perhaps it's a tribute to Graham Obree (the master of weird bikes and the hour record) that it hasn't been changed ? :D

Orbea/Obrea Gain owner

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby Shieldsman » 2 Aug 2019, 12:27pm

Apologies for the tardy response to the advice that was kindly given above - unexpected work popped up abroad which pushed bike purchases right down the to do list.
I’ve been back home for a week and ordered a D40 on Monday. It arrived yesterday and following a 20 mile ride to break it in last night and I love it.
I’m having an issue with downloading maps to the ebikemotion motion app though - there’s just a blank screen. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. Many thanks.

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby Digby » 2 Aug 2019, 1:42pm

Have you registered the bike with Orbea yet?

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby BertYardbrush » 5 Aug 2019, 2:27pm

Pleased to hear you've gone for the D40, I've had mine nearly a year now. By and large I'm very happy with it. Expecting my expensive range extender battery any day now.
I have given up on the Ebikemotion app for anything other than monitoring battery level at the end of a ride and adjusting the power settings. I found the bike a bit aggressive on the green button so I've turned it down to 80%.
I tried it for recording rides but it was giving me gobbledygook. And now they want to charge me for a new map. You cannot upload a course to follow so it's not much good for touring. I'm sticking to Garmin.
Unfortunately it works on Bluetooth and not ANT so it will not integrate with the new Garmin Edge Explore as some ebikes do, giving all the necessary edata. I'm still using my old 800.
I wish the Ebikemotion app just gave the basics instead of overreaching themselves with bells and whistles.

Apart from that, it's a mighty fine bicycle.

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby BertYardbrush » 6 Aug 2019, 5:50pm

Finally, finally, got my Range Extender Battery. Cost: approx £2.15 per Wh.
Quite an outlay to dispel range anxiety.

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby Digby » 7 Aug 2019, 2:56pm

Ooooo, that's pricey. Can't see them selling many!

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby NickWi » 8 Aug 2019, 4:31pm

Full spec for the Range Extender and how it works.

https://www.orbea.com/downloads/product ... der_EN.pdf

As I read it, the Ranger Extender battery only recharges the main battery rather than being a secondary battery that can power the motor. It also say there are times it might not be able to keep up with the drain of the main battery if the bike is used on full power for extended periods. That sounds a little worrying, but given a Gain is supposed to be power assisted rather than powered, hopefully it'll all work smoothly.

BertYardbrush, we await your full report with baited breath!

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Re: OBREA GAIN D40 (e-bike)

Postby BertYardbrush » 16 Aug 2019, 5:25pm

I have been on a couple of rides with the range extender battery.
I charged the new battery and the existing battery fully before installation.
Installing the battery on the bike is fairly simple though at 1.6kg it's more of a brick than a bidon. It is secured in the holder cage by two lego style 'plugs' on the bottom and a bottle holder style cage with a rubber stretch band to stop it rattling about.It is quite secure and does not rattle. There is a electrical plug that connects to the charging point on the bike. The range extender has its own charging point, this can be used to charge it off the bike or you can use it to charge both batteries on the bike.
My initial thoughts are, forgive the pun, it is a little ungainly. Nobody will be under any illusion, it's an ebike, you can see the battery.
Before I added the extender, I had the engine set at 80% on the green setting, 90% on the amber setting and 100% on red.
I whacked up all engine settings to 100%.
The ebikemotion app told me I was 200% charged.
If you have a Gain, you will be familiar with the IWOC button on the crossbar. There is one of these on top of the battery. You need to turn both on.

Ride one, 66 miles, 5600ft https://ridewithgps.com/trips/38499937
The bike feels heavier, the weight makes a difference to the handling. I've done many miles on a heavy ebike - it's not that bad, just different weight distribution, I'll get used to it. Usually I try to spare the battery for the first few miles. This time I was a little more free, averaging 8.5mph up the first 3.8miles uphill as opposed to 6 mph previously. The range extender was empty at 29 miles 3200ft into the wind. I had 100% power left and just 37 miles 2700ft and a following wind. It was good to be able to power up the hill out of Hathersage in amber with the occasional dip into red.
I got home with around 40% of battery to spare.

Ride 2, 66 miles 6200ft https://ridewithgps.com/trips/3854678
I had charged both batteries in situ and did not check before the ride how much charge I had. The ebikemotion app is a bit unpredictable and doesn't always connect. I had a stop at Baslow,7.8miles, and checked there to find I had a mere 150% left. I changed the engine setting on eco (green) to 85%. I'm not sure when the extender battery ran out but it was quite a strenuous ride and I needed the amber button to get me home the last 11 miles. I had 37% power remaining at the end of the ride.

I put the bike back on charge, batteries in situ, and it took a good 5 hours to charge back up to 200%. I feel I have still to get the measure of the new setup. It is worth remembering the extra battery is giving more range, not more power. You won't get any more than 40 Nm torque out of this engine. Over about 10% you have to put in effort. Whereas with an 80Nm engine you really can breeze up the hills.

It has extended my range but the battery anxiety has not yet evaporated. I can be ambitious in my choice of rides and can always press the 'get me home' button. I'm not sure about having to carry a great lump of spent battery for the second half of the journey.
Is it worth it? If you have to get out there on long rides in demanding landscape probably.
About the rider: age 73, weight 142lbs, condition, not absolutely perfect.

Hope this helps.