wisper 705SE ebike repair

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Re: wisper 705SE ebike repair

Postby Cunobelin » 8 Sep 2018, 7:01am

hemo wrote:Seems a bit strange as a Wisper dealer I would have thought they must have suitable charger lying a round.
The handle bar display lights indicate to me a possible battery issue so being six years old , battery diagnosis would be my first port of call,, a weak cell group in particular. If voltage on one cell group collapses under load then that would give an instant result of a battery on it's way out or it could be a battery out of balance. Dealers aren't equipped to repair batteries and doing so isn't cost effective for them and also false economy to replace just a few cells. So if the issue lies there they will offer you a new one or contact David Miall again and his tech guy Claud can recell it for you, price will cheaper then a new battery.

Fault finding an ebike isn't straight forward and several potential gremlins can cause an error, a lot of dealers haven't clue how to fault find and will sometimes just swap out components to find the answer.
Generally an hour or two with a digital volt meter to check various items of wiring and the controller can often locate the answer if the battery plays out ok.
This is where your shed or garage diy kit ebike converter has the edge and will often know more then most about how ebike electrics tick.
The handle bar display isn't user friendly to repair being sealed against the rain and if at fault is a simple swap out.

Hopefully you will have more luck from the other dealer to fault find.

If GE charger is faulty, and they had not checked it, then spent lots of time trying to trace a fault on the bike, then it is an unnecessary effort and cost

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Re: wisper 705SE ebike repair

Postby adamrosenbach » 14 Sep 2018, 1:25pm

Hi, the verdict is: faulty motor! (less than 1,000 miles of use, mainly in low hill terrain).

I asked WIsper to send it back, as the cost of repair is high. Typically to the whole handling of this case, they forgot to send the charger...

I put the bike 'for parts or repair' on ebay and gumtree.