Cytronex C1 Kit - any experience?

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Cytronex C1 Kit - any experience?

Postby Ivorcadaver » 20 Sep 2018, 2:37pm

My 13 mile each way commute is getting a bit tiresome. Going to work is fine, I'm fresh, its downhill and I average around 15mph. The return journey is mainly uphill (an elevation of about 150m), I'm tired and there always seems to be a headwind. The cytronex kit looks good (albeit pricey), lightweight and simple which I plan to retrofit to my existing lightweight tourer/audax. I probably wouldn't use much electric assist on the way in to work but would use it on the way home. Can anybody tell me

Is it easy to fit?
Battery life? (Info. On the website is a bit scant on this point )
Is the 180Wh battery big enough capacity for my daily journey?
Can I fit my existing B+M dynamo lights? Can I just wire in some sort of voltage step down device?

Look forward to comments....

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Re: Cytronex C1 Kit - any experience?

Postby stodd » 25 Sep 2018, 8:51pm

Can't be too definite but some comments.

Probably easy to fit, most front wheel kits are.
I fitted one from Woosh; much cheaper than the Cytronex and with a real battery, but much heavier too.

No idea about reliability.

If you look at the Bosch calculator it is usually pretty accurate.
There isn't that huge efficiency difference between different systems, select Active Line.
You will need to dial Bosch's lowest power battery (the 300) and halve the results.
Set the other parameters according to your details,
Looks like it says 65 km (eg 32km halved for the Cytronex battery, 20 miles) for a road bike on hills.
So you should get the 13 miles.

If your dynamo is a front hub one you will lose it, and probably won't easily be able to wire an alternative.
Good rechargeable lights would probably be your best option ... expensive, but not compared to the Cytronex.

Ask on the pedelecs forum; there are helpful and knowledgeable people there (as well as some nutters)