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eBikes in Crete

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 7:00pm
by AlanP
We're the fortunate owners of a small property in Eastern Crete (2 rooms and a goatshed!) and we've had bikes out there and managed to handle the (easier) hills Ok but age is creeping up on me and it's time to look at eBikes and now that I'm retired we can spend more time out there and I'd like to cycle more. Choice of equipment is a bit limited in Crete but I've found a Cube dealer in Heraklion.

The big question is the level of power/torque I need to cope with the Cretan hills which can be pretty fierce (and the heat doesn't help).

Cube do a Kathmandu range with the Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX giving 75Nm torque and a Touring Hybrid range with Bosch Drive Unit Active Plus giving 50Nm torque. Any advice on the torque requirements would be gratefully received.

Re: eBikes in Crete

Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 9:42pm
by cyclemad
take a look at the pedelecs bike forum...loads of advice solely on ebikes...

Re: eBikes in Crete

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 9:20am
by stodd
As cyclemad says, also check Pedelecs forum.

As age creeps on you may want to consider a step-through. Hopefully any bike you invest it will last a long time.

With a crank drive the torque is not such an important issue as long as the gears are low enough (and you don't want to go too fast!)
Still worth having the extra torque for lots of really tough hills though.

Two neighbours both quite a bit older than us (we are 71/65, won't say how old they are) have just got Cube ones that look like the touring hybrid step-through and they seem to be really good ... but Winchester hills aren't like Cretan ones.

Re: eBikes in Crete

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 9:14am
by fixerupper
I just came across this post ...I live full time in East Crete ..and I've got a ebike and it's brilliant ..I bought a conversion kit from China last year and converted a Specialized Rockhopper I laugh at hills ...why not convert the bikes you have ...