Equipping E-Bike for touring

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Equipping E-Bike for touring

Postby woldsweather » 6 Jan 2019, 4:21pm

I would like to equip my Cyclotricity Stealth (1000 W) for Touring. I bought it with a rear rack but it tightens on the the seat stalk. It swings loose and anyway is so high that the panniers I have would swing into the wheel.

Any advice gratefully accepted.

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Re: Equipping E-Bike for touring

Postby neilob » 12 Jan 2019, 6:51am

The frame shown in the link....which I assume is the same as yours....has ‘proper’ four point rack fittings so you don’t need to faff about with anything unsafe or unsightly. But you probably should be cautious how much weight you want to carry given the motor is at the back and looks pretty hefty. This could make the bike ‘back heavy’ and impact handling especially when climbing. Although with a 1000w on tap I don’t suppose you will be out the saddle very often! You may need to be careful which rack you buy for two reasons; ensure it is a disc-specific model which gives extra clearance for the disc side, and make sure it doesn’t interfere with any of the motor gubbins and cables which could complicate wheel removal.
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