MATE eBike - controller fried : generic replacement has problems

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MATE eBike - controller fried : generic replacement has problems

Postby cellinu » 15 Jan 2019, 8:29am

Hi you all... I need some help as running out of ideas!

I have a MATE eBike which is a joy to ride. Recently my controller fried and I got one of these Chinese ones which included the display so that I would have less hassle finding the connections. I am quite experienced in electronics and managed to change it and it seems to work under test. I mean, when the throttle is engaged the motor turns. Same thing with the pedaling sensors, if I turn the pedals the motor turns.

The only thing this is wrong is that in actual operation, I can hear the motor engaging when I turn the throttle or pedal but it does not provide any torque at all. In fact I tested it again under test conditions and although if I let go, the wheel does turn, if I hold it with one finger it does not. Everything else is working, brake sensors etc but no torque.

What could this be ? I very much doubt its the motor as the bike is not old. Besides, when I connect the "learning" cables the torque seems to be there. I could obviously only test the "learning" mode on test and not on the road!

Any ideas please ?
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Re: Need some help... anyone ?

Postby stodd » 15 Jan 2019, 1:09pm

Try posting on ... ussion.42/
There are several people on that forum with much more detailed technical knowledge than most posters here (including me).

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Re: Need some help... anyone ?

Postby loafer » 21 Jan 2019, 4:12pm

you could also try this forum lots of great advice