Ortler and Bikester

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Ortler and Bikester

Postby jungle_jim01 » 2 Mar 2019, 9:01pm

I'm looking at a number of e-touring bikes.
The Ortler Bozen Performance looks good: https://www.bikester.co.uk/739018.html
However, other than the reviews on the site i can't see much information about Ortler ebikes. Does anyone have any experience of these and also of using Bikester?

Many thanks

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Re: Ortler and Bikester

Postby Antbrewer » 27 May 2019, 12:30pm

Being interested in buying an Ebike I have just come across the Ortler range at Bikester. I then realised this was the make of bike I hired when I cycled along the river Inn Austria a couple of years ago. An excellent bike.
I have just phoned their number to see where I could see and try one here in the UK. Sadly not. The German chappy ( they are a German company) told me that they have no physical shops but I could have one shipped over. I could ride it for a kilometer and send it back if it wasn't correct! His words!

Well that seems very easy I must say.........? So that's that it I guess.
I would be most interested if others have any clearer information on how one may try out this excellent product.