Omnium Mini Cargo - what drive

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Omnium Mini Cargo - what drive

Postby 2nangclan » 1 Apr 2019, 9:58am

Hello Everyone,

I have an Omnium Mini cargo bike (a sort of short long john design, like a butcher's bike:

I want to add an electronic assist. I've been looking at mid-drive (probably a Bafang BBSHD), but does anyone have an opinion on a rear hub motor for this bike/setup?

Reliability is more important to me than speed. It would be used for flat city riding, mostly, and not carrying heavy loads most of the time.

Thanks for your help!


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Re: Omnium Mini Cargo - what drive

Postby hemo » 2 Apr 2019, 5:15pm

BBSHD is completely ott for flat terrain riding and is also wholly illegal as it is 1000w @52v on a bike it is a kin to a moped.
If you want legal then Woosh bikes supply legal kits marked 250w.
TSDZ2 48V 250W mid drive or various hub kits, speak to them about your requirements and they will suggest the best option for your needs.
One nice thing about Woosh they won't just sell any old kit to you for the sake of a sale but one that is best suited to your needs.