Ribble or Orbea Gain

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Ribble or Orbea Gain

Postby Grandad » 28 Apr 2019, 4:21pm

Are these exactly alike as far as the battery side is concerned? If not what are the pros and cons of each?

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Re: Ribble or Orbea Gain

Postby robgul » 29 Apr 2019, 7:27am

Having looked at both ranges in some detail (I have a Gain D40) the basic items appear to be pretty much the same - certainly the motor & control system, probably the frames (alloy & carbon) too.

There are variations on the groupsets and finishing kit which obviously affect price but my overall thought when looking at pretty much like-for-like across both manufacturers' models is that the Ribbles are just a higher priced Orbea range.

That said there is an element of confusion as model names and specs have been changed across the 2017/2018/2019 "seasons"


PS: I wonder where the Ribbles are made . . . . . .

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Re: Ribble or Orbea Gain

Postby sbkm » 29 Jun 2019, 3:50pm

We have just had delivery of a Ribble
Frames from outside the UK but all build was done in Lancashire..

Arrived and she is delighted with it, with peddles and saddlebag and lights tips the scales at 14.7kg
The ride is lovely, easy to use and she is delighted with her purchase

Can’t find anything out of place, all screwed together tight and well.....brilliant job Ribble.