What to consider when insuring an electric bike?

Electrically assisted bikes, trikes, etc.
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What to consider when insuring an electric bike?

Postby alstongus » 5 May 2019, 7:30pm

Hi all,
Have just purchased an electric bike (pedelec) and am wondering whether I need to consider anything additional when insuring it, above and beyond the usual! I'm thinking that as it's more likely to break down, maybe it's worth having cover that covers that, if such a thing even exists?

Also, I'm buying a reduced last year end-of-line model, so the warranty is reduced compared to usual.

Any ideas?

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Re: What to consider when insuring an electric bike?

Postby gaz » 5 May 2019, 10:41pm

Welcome to the forum.

Roadside breakdown assistance for bikes is a thing, I'd expect it to be available for e-bikes too. Wait for suggestions or start googling.
alstongus wrote:Any ideas?

Always read the small print.

Please note that gaz is not FCA regulated and cannot assess individual needs for insurance. You will not receive advice or recommendations from gaz about them. Please direct your queries to your chosen insurance provider, who may be either vaguely reassuring or reassuringly vague in their response (wonderful phrase, my thanks to mjr for providing it on another thread). Your home may be at risk if you leave the gas on whilst charging your e-bike. Posted on a forum that contains track nuts and cannot be guaranteed track nut free.
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