E-Bike key style "ignition"

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E-Bike key style "ignition"

Postby BarryBoulder » 18 May 2019, 1:27am

First off.. hello to all fellow E-Bikers!.. im new here.. and in desperate need of some kind of answer.

I would just like to say, when it comes to electrical technical stuff.. im useless.. i know very little.. hence why im at a forum to gain a better understanding.

So.. lets jump in.

I want a "key style" ignition throttle for my E-bike.. and many of you will say.. well.. theres pleanty to choose from, and you'd be correct.
however, there isnt a directly compatible one (that ive been able to see anyways) with the "Julet" / "bafang" style connectors..

is there a pre-made Ignition style throttle with those "Julet" / "bafang" connectors on the end?.. or.. failing that.. is any one aware of how to wire up one of those ignition style throttles that are out there, to a julet / bafang style cable end?

Thanks in advance for any help / input
Dan! :)

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Re: E-Bike key style "ignition"

Postby hemo » 18 May 2019, 9:40am

The Julet's are moulded so not a diy operation, the only diy way of using a julet is to have the correct pin outs on one with a flex tail to solder/shrink to join. The the other problem is identifying the pin out action of each pin in the julet.

Keyed throtles have differing wire counts depending on the functions, some are 4,5, 6 or 7 wires, so this is a factor before buying if one was to be found. Any Julet version will likely be an OEM supplied unit, the issue is you find one is having the wire pin out functions laid out correctly, typically all Chinese but no guarantee they are set out as standard.

Julet Yellow (3 pin basic ) can be found but not seen any 4 or more pin versions.