Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Hub Gear chain tensioner

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Raleigh Motus Grand Tour Hub Gear chain tensioner

Postby saudidave » 15 Jul 2019, 9:22pm

Hi All

I haven't posted on this forum for some time and previously used to post occasionally in the technical section about 10 tears ago when I had a Dawes Galaxy.

Anyhow, I've now got a Raleigh Motus Grand tour (2019 model). I chose the 8 speed Nexus hub version as I figured it would be less maintenance and have longer lasting chains than a derailleur. No sales people pointed out the rate of chain wear on an ebike with a central motor and my low maintenance theory is out of the window as I'm adjusting chain tension regularly which is a complete P.I.T.A.

Raleigh have clearly recognised this issue as the 2020 model with hub gear has a tensioner fitted. It won't fit my bike because the frame is drastically different to accommodate the tensioner mount. I have sourced a brand new Shimano Alfine tensioner for £16.00 but that replaces the anti turn washer and the angle of the axle flats to the drop out locators is different than on my configuration.

Question: If I saw off the drop out locators on the rear of the Alfine tensioner and replace the right hand anti turn washer with the tensioner (retaining the L.H.S. anti turn washe)r, am I likely to have issues? I can't see it myself but if anyone has tried this fix would they please comment?

Thanks, Dave