Raleigh Velo XC Battery Woes!

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Raleigh Velo XC Battery Woes!

Postby NigelH » 17 Jul 2019, 8:26am

I'm sure this topic is not uncommon but I'm hoping that after hours and hours crawling the web, I may get some answers here?

This is the situation. My wife bought this bike in 2016 and used it for 6 outings before suffering a knee injury. The upshot was that the bike went unused for best part of 18 months. I had removed the battery from the carrier but, had I kept it regularly charged. No. So when we got it out and attempted to charge the battery it was dead, dead, dead. The option at that time was anew battery but at around £400 that seemed an awful lot of money - half what she paid for the bike as it happens.

I'm very familiar with battery technology and Li-On cells in particular, as I use these a lot in RC model flying so, with nothing to lose, I disassembled the battery pack, tested each cell individually, and found 4 out of 40 cells had failed. I bought replacements and, after a considerable amount of hacking, had them fitted. I then charged each of the 40 cells to capacity (I have some pretty clever battery charging tech) and found another 4 which weren't taking charge readily and replaced those too. Fitted the pack back in the bike and went for a ride - all good. I then put the pack on the regular charger and it just wouldn't charge, despite the charger voltage seeming to be right. So, there we are up to today.

I could still buy a replacement battery, and probably charger (although they seem very rare) but, from what I've read, these particular batteries are that good and according to our local Raleigh dealer, are prone to failure more than some others?

My thinking is that it must be possible to fit a new panier style housing and new battery type - one that's possibly more reliable and with greater capacity? But Google as I might, I can't find any clues as to what to buy or where to buy from? I don't mind doing a bit of 'hacking' but would much rather it be a straightforward job.

Any ideas, options, alternative approaches to resurrecting this weighty and somewhat useless non-e-bike gratefully received! Thanks in advance.


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Re: Raleigh Velo XC Battery Woes!

Postby kwackers » 17 Jul 2019, 9:26am

It's not a BMS issue?
Some BMS's are 'programmed' to handle their current battery and reset to a default state if you remove power from them.

Don't know about bike batteries but I've had it with drill batteries.

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Re: Raleigh Velo XC Battery Woes!

Postby NigelH » 17 Jul 2019, 9:53am

Forgive me, what's a BMS?

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Re: Raleigh Velo XC Battery Woes!

Postby willcee » 17 Jul 2019, 10:32pm

Reading this i sent a link to the chap that builds batteries for me.. this is his reply..hes up in Middlesborough..
''either the bms board has failed. or when he's been changing cells he has wired the bms wrong.

the bigger issue is even though he has replaced the damaged cells, the other cells that were still working will die over a period of time, as standing that long they will be damage. he will find if he gets it charging he will just keep replaceing cells, strip it out, have new pack built to fit and a new bms board.

depend on the connectors maybe £200 rebuild cost..''

BMS is the battery maintenance system, and is connected to each singular cell where it knows how to level the charge going in, and stops everything if something is iffy.. and thats been a cheapie fitted i would guess , my man uses good ones.. having had a few go wrong in the past couple of years.. the thing that gets me when i heard of this similar situation recently locally.. battery dead, won't charge . each time the bikes were bought, used a couple of times weekly or less, put away in bad weather or winter and never looked at until months later... L/I's don't suffer that.. they need regular use or regular partial top ups..he built me a battery for the chap and its flying.. Raleigh wanted hundreds .. will