Bikes that will take a Bafang BBS02?

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Bikes that will take a Bafang BBS02?

Postby DaveTaylor » 22 Jul 2019, 9:07pm


I have bought a BBS02 and fitted it to my very old steel frame bike to see how it goes.

I really like it so what to move the electrics to a better Hard Tail bike.

Is there a list of bikes that people have successfully installed this motor, I realise you need a 68mm BB but what about clearance between chain stay and the motor don't want to buy a bike and find it wont fit for some reason.

Looking to buy new or 2nd hand.

Regards Dave

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Re: Bikes that will take a Bafang BBS02?

Postby stodd » 22 Jul 2019, 9:56pm

Hi, you'll probably get more complete answers on Pedelecs forum; some will be very expert.
For example ... ussion.42/
but other threads may be helpful too.

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Re: Bikes that will take a Bafang BBS02?

Postby Greenbuilder » 23 Jul 2019, 7:23pm

Dave, I think you can fit them to most normal looking hardtails with threaded 68mm bottom brackets. I haven't done one with a pushfit, but I think it might work. As you mention, the only issue can be the chain stay flaring out too close to the bb and fouling the Bafang casing; a careful tap with a hammer and piece of wood flattens the stay, if it's not too precious. I've done a Tongsheng crank drive recently , very neat motor and it may be better than Bafang.
Here's my own Pinnacle Iroko 27.5 alloy hardtail with a 500w Bafang, it's awesome and has done plenty of red routes around Dartmoor

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Re: Bikes that will take a Bafang BBS02?

Postby hemo » 23 Jul 2019, 10:45pm

73mm BB will work with mid drive kits.
Tongssheng and Bafang BBS both different beasts, it depends on which side you have a preference for, Torque sensing or cadence sensing. The former more natural riding experience and in theory better range , the latter better if you don't have the stamina or leg power.

Later in the year a new lighter mid drive should be available in the UK, Gospade about 1kg lighter then both the above mentioned and better internal gear reduction ratio with better bearing seals.

Lingbei company ( ex Bafang engineers) have a new motor on the market it is meant to be torque and cadence drive but reports are not so convincing of it's values. By all accounts at low PAS speed setting ( high torque) it uses torque sensing and then converts to cadence sensing at higher speed/lower torque but the reviews /feedback can't put therie finger on what is exactly occurring.