Bosch error code 530 sudden power shutdown

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Bosch error code 530 sudden power shutdown

Postby SanSan » 9 Aug 2019, 7:02pm

Hello my name is San and I am new to this group,

Please can anyone recommend a solution to the sudden complete loss of power our Bosch Powered ebikes?

On my bike equiped with Nyon for navigation it says Error Code 530 return to Bosch approved dealer. (not helpful on the top of a mountain!)
On my partners bike with Intuvia it just shuts down.

We also have 2 more powerpacks and they also have the same problem.

As we live on the island of fuerteventura there are no dealers, we had to buy the ebikes from the UK and wait 3 months for shipping as no-one will air-freight ebike batteries.

We always take our battery keys with us now, but this is happenning up to 10 times per day (about 45km per day off-road gravel tracks) and the sudden loss of power on the remote desert mountains where we live, or whilst crossing busy main roads is very dangerous.

I have tried cleaning the contacts and wrapping a bungy cord around the powerpack and frame but this does not work.

Any advice would be grately appreciated as I have spoken to Bosch who are less than helpful.

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Re: Bosch error code 530 sudden power shutdown

Postby stodd » 9 Aug 2019, 7:45pm

You will get more specialist advice on the pedalecs forum (eg ... cussion.2/ and there are other sub-forums that might help)

For example on that forum: ... 530.32091/
You've done most of what it says there. Maybe not:
I had the same and found simple fix for it.. id had a couple of stacks on my bike i started getting a 530... after months of getting a 530 a mate of mine had a look at it thats also an engineer.. the top battery locking bracket where the key goes in had slid upward about 4 or 5 mil ... making the battery loose.. its been 3 days now.. working fine now that it has been readjusted and a firm hold on the battery... Paul

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Re: Bosch error code 530 sudden power shutdown

Postby Johnocyprus » 11 Aug 2019, 7:01am

I had intermittent power loss and packed the battery with polysterene, problem solved.