Do E-bike riders get more exercise than regular cyclists ?

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Re: Do E-bike riders get more exercise than regular cyclists ?

Postby Shifty » 9 Sep 2019, 8:57am

I think there are a lot of people on here that haven’t ever had a day on an e-bike?
I know that the e-mtb is great for fitness and weight loss.
After running last year two trail marathons and this year two 50k plus trail runs this year, no one can argue that I’m not pretty fit. I use an e-mtb. I can get onto the trails quicker and get 40k + cycling instead of 20k. I use eco mode and use it to train on heart rate. I average 125 bpm compared to 140 bpm when I’m training. But my normal training runs were an hour max. So I’m expending more energy, having fun too.
I think using it in the mountains would be awesome you could cover a lot of terrain. Last longer in the day and keep fit.

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Re: Do E-bike riders get more exercise than regular cyclists ?

Postby rbrian » 11 Sep 2019, 9:54pm

I bought an ebike this week. I'm trying to get my work to take back the stinking diesel van I'm provided with to carry a laptop and a small bag of tools. For the last few months, I've been leaving it on the yard, cycling in on a Brompton, then leaving it wherever I happen to finish and cycling home. The vast majority of days I travel less than 15 miles, easy enough to cycle, but I can't carry enough on the Brompton. I need a compact bike to store in my living room, and I saw a Tern Vektron S10 with a £700 discount, so I went for it.

I took it for a long ride yesterday - well long for me. I haven't cycled more than 20 miles in a day since I was a teenager, but I had the day free, except for a presentation in the afternoon 30 miles away. I wouldn't have tried that on my Brompton, I'd probably have taken the bus, but I rode my electric bike on NCN route 1, which takes a very winding route from Aberdeen to Stonehaven, and I'd covered 48 miles by the time I reached Johnshaven, with a 20mph headwind the entire way. I was worried about battery life, so had it off most of the time, occasionally using Eco mode. On the way back I used the battery much more, but couldn't face going all that way in the dark, so I got the train back from Stonehaven - but that's much further than I would have gone with an ordinary bike, and my Galaxy Watch congratulated me on my most active day ever (well, in the 11 months since I've had it).
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