Will the battery hold out for entire day?

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Will the battery hold out for entire day?

Postby Tinpotflowers » 5 Sep 2019, 4:36pm

A friend is intending to ride at Easter from Edinburgh to Inverness over 4/5 days say around 50 miles a day
Rider age 80 plus and six foot and 15 stone
The route is likely to be the Sustrans route 7
They have Giant Hybrid Cycle it is to reco fitted with electrical assistance by

Whoosh, at 42-46 Queens Road, Southend SS1 1NL.
http://wooshbikes.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw ... LqEALw_wcB
with the following
BBS01B CD Kit with 17.5AH 36V HL battery
Category: CD Conversion kits | Product ID: 178-bbs01-17AH | Price: £ 769.00
View full details
8-Fun BBS01B crank drive kit for bikes with standard bottom bracket.
easy installation for most bikes with standard 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket.
battery: 17.5AH HL bottle downtube battery with Panasonic cells, with charger. Range: about 55-60 miles.

This kit is sold subject to special terms and conditions
Please read full details before ordering

Only £768 including delivery to UK mainland.

http://wooshbikes.co.uk/cart/#/product/ ... hl-battery


They are worried that the battery charge will not hold for an entire day?


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Re: Will the battery hold out for entire day?

Postby horizon » 5 Sep 2019, 4:47pm

I'm no expert (they'll be along later) but my guess is that it will struggle. It's at the limit of its range but then you will have hills, headwinds and luggage to consider and the fact that as an older rider he may wish to use the power more than others.

Some people plug it in during the lunch hour stop and if planned for, that might do the trick.

I'll wait to see if my guess is confirmed.
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Re: Will the battery hold out for entire day?

Postby stodd » 5 Sep 2019, 5:29pm

The Bosch Range Assistant is pretty good, even for non-Bosch.
It got my Raleigh/Bosch solo and my Woosh XF07 tandem conversion figures pretty much right.

You need to do a bit of interpretation as it isn't a Bosch system.
* Put in the Bosch 500 battery, then multiply the range result by 6/5 (add 20%) for the bigger Woosh battery.
* In the eBike section choose Active Line Plus. That's a bit of a guess.
* He'll probably want assistance about equivalent to Tour setting on the Bosch ... maybe some Sport for the hills.
* Make sure you set miles or km as you prefer

The rest, like weight, bike type and environment will be the same Bosch or non-Bosch.
I agree with horizon: I think the result will indicate that it would be pretty close.

You will get more detailed answers if you ask on https://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/

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Re: Will the battery hold out for entire day?

Postby Oldjohnw » 5 Sep 2019, 5:36pm

I am not an expert and don't have the same model. Your friend needs to do trial runs.

I carry full camping kit and can do 40-50 miles if not too hilly and I can keep support to lower settings. I usually locate pubs etc beforehand and get in touch and top up if necessary. Perhaps an hour at lunchtime.

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Re: Will the battery hold out for entire day?

Postby hemo » 6 Sep 2019, 12:49am

My BBS01 and battery came from Woosh in 2014 and was able to do 52 miles with 14,5ah/522wh battery, this was 19 mile road/'off-road to the South Downs & and the rest a jaunt on to the downs. The battery is still going well and gets me about 32 miles still but the BBS01 I find is a bit pants long term and mine has suffered two controller failures and other niggles.

If he uses low assist as much as poss and only higher assist for inclines then 50 miles should well be within reach with I reckon 20% to spare, what he will need to do though is to make sure he can charge the battery for 8 -9 hrs a day to get a full charge.
Most chargers are 2a so 17.5ah will take 8.75 hours for a full charge.

17.5ah is 630wh if he is a regular fit rider he should manage 8 - 12 wh/m so range could well be in the 53 - 78miles range.