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Re: my new beast

Posted: 2 Dec 2019, 7:56pm
by Bonefishblues
billym444 wrote:at this moment there, getting round it by rating the motor at 250w, as yes legal. for now as it will be contened on to. if you can push it up to 700w then its not a 250w rated motor. peak power is sopose to be 250w, when the test and rate electric motor bikes, the rated on there peak power so the can rate them agains an exiverlant cc petrol engine.

i would sooner be running a 750 with a false badge that is made to run a 750w than a 250w thats boasted to run higher. either way if they cause an accident and are tested you will be hammered. troble is not the watts, and power. its the top speed thats the big issue. you run a 750w restricted and keep the power for hills, chances are you wont be bothered. pop along the road at 35mph on a mountain bike and you will be pulled.

theres to many over powered 250w advertized now, the law will change again wait and see.

Well, you run a risk, anyway.

Re: my new beast

Posted: 2 Dec 2019, 9:38pm
by billym444
as i build and sell a lot of batties, and a number of ebikes, then i can tell you most take the risk. common sense is the key.

Re: my new beast

Posted: 8 Dec 2019, 8:24am
by Polisman
It's true most ebikes will take the risk. Unless you do something seriously stupid like 40mph through a thirty zone in a built up area the chances of you being apprehended are close to zero. Very few people could eyeball the difference between 15mph and 25mph of a bicycle.