Advice needed on cell config for a lightweight 48v pack

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Re: Advice needed on cell config for a lightweight 48v pack

Postby hemo » 20 Jan 2020, 11:51pm

nicklouse10 wrote:This is the BMS I'd planned to fit.

I've not bought a charger yet and would appreciate a recommendation.

I'd like to have three chargers to keep at different locations I visit frequently, so I'd prefer not to choose one that's prohibitively expensive

Ann battery BMS is a std dumb type BMS and the ones I use, I buy mine direct from Ann on Aliexpress for at least half that price and prefer to buy the ones with a switch option as well. The BMS only balances above 4.16v per cell so if you are thinking of short charging your cells make sure you fully balance every now and then to keep the battery in good condition, once cells go out of balance you need to know how to manually equalise a battery again. Also once balance is lost issues start arising like harsh voltage sag and power cutting out. There is nothing wrong with fully charging a battery if managed correctly, only fully charging 6- 12 hrs before us isn't an issue but leaving battery for long periods fully charge decreases the cells life cycle longer term.