Electric moped cycle problems can you help

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Electric moped cycle problems can you help

Postby Electricmoped » 7 May 2020, 7:41pm

Hi I'm a bit new to this but I've got this old electric cycle moped looking cycle it's 36v I've put new battery in it that I had from a different project and it works but the power dips on and off when riding some times it slow right down till you stop then it cuts out a will not go utill about 5 mins then it runs again fine for a bit any advice I now its not the batterys as there brand new and all have 13v in them dose it have a speed limit that I can remove it dose 35km speed
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Re: Electric moped cycle problems can you help

Postby stodd » 7 May 2020, 8:44pm

Could be that the battery is not up to giving the current needed by the bike. The voltage will show up right when charged, but will drop a lot as power is used, and then recover after a minute or so., If it drops too much it will probably cut out completely to protect the battery.

If it does 35kmh assisted it is indeed legally a moped, and illegal to use one the road without registration, number plate tax and insurance.

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Re: Electric moped cycle problems can you help

Postby hemo » 8 May 2020, 12:49pm

As Stodd has said the current draw is likely to much for the battery to supply, you need to give more details.
Motor wattage and controller/pcb current rating, you are better off (once we know a few more details) by using a lithium battery or better still for such a scooter a lifepo4 one if it can fit the space.