Carrera Subway electric bike

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Chris norton
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Carrera Subway electric bike

Postby Chris norton » 1 Jun 2020, 7:30pm

I have recently purchased the above bike but no sure it is working 100% as the assist is very minimal. Have cycled 20 miles and still battery 100%
Does anyone think there is an issue or is it just the bike ?

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Re: Carrera Subway electric bike

Postby stodd » 1 Jun 2020, 9:05pm

I think the Subway shares a Suntour electric system with the notorious Carrera Crossfire which is well known for cutting out at random times.
Have a search at for Crossfire. (do not confuse it with Crossfuse which has a Bosch system and which people like.)
Also post there; there are people who will know better than me whether the electrics are the same on those bikes, and what to do about it.

I seem to remember it can usually be fixed by a combination of turning off and on again, and removing the battery and putting it back in.
It seems that Halfords know this issue full well but are loath to admit it.
The best outcome from posters at pedelecs seems to be returning the bike as not fit for purpose and getting your money back.
Shame as they work well when they work and are otherwise good value.

Chris norton
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Re: Carrera Subway electric bike

Postby Chris norton » 2 Jun 2020, 9:07am

Thanks for your help.
I will checkout that link and take a trip up to Halfords

Bonzo Banana
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Re: Carrera Subway electric bike

Postby Bonzo Banana » 12 Jun 2020, 10:16am

There seems to be a few niggly faults on the Suntour system but you also get people using Carrera ebikes daily for uber and deliveroo deliveries without issue. It's a more complicated system like a mid-drive motor it uses cadence and torque sensors to work out motor assistance this makes it very efficient but its built to a price so its important to make sure the sensors are clean and aligned to work well. There was an issue i think with the crankset sensor that was improved with later models.

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Re: Carrera Subway electric bike

Postby hemo » 12 Jun 2020, 7:47pm

Does the assist appear to give more power as you up the assistance level ?