Warranty servicing

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Warranty servicing

Postby arnsider » 11 Jun 2020, 8:15am

I bought a Whyte Coniston E bike last October from a local dealer.
I am quite impressed with the bike and have done over 1600 miles on hilly terrain on day rides.
I would recommend the bike as very good value and reliable.
However, there has been a warranty issue over a leaking front brake lever which was dealt with, but involved a "postage payment"
Also, the rear brake pads were replaced at 800 miles and now need replacing at 1600. Well, that's Okay, but the dealer tells me the rear rotor has worn beyond its safe limit and also needs replacing.
I have to say that although Whyte offer a two year warranty, my dealer has not been at all communicative over servicing or post delivery inspections.
Can anyone comment on the rotor issue and dealer warranty servicing in general.

Bonzo Banana
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Re: Warranty servicing

Postby Bonzo Banana » 21 Jun 2020, 8:27am

Worn components are not faulty components but the leaking brake lever should have been fixed without any postage payment whatever that is. Many people state you get the best service from local independent bike shops but in my experience while they may be ok with regard labour they seem less keen to replace components under warranty.

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Re: Warranty servicing

Postby Jdsk » 21 Jun 2020, 9:09am

Do you think that the rotor was faulty when you bought it?

Your consumer rights can't be reduced by the seller's warranty. (Roughly speaking.)
Which? on the Consumer Rights Act: