Charger query for Pendleton Somerby

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Charger query for Pendleton Somerby

Postby Whiterose23 » 13 Jun 2020, 5:00pm

I’ve just bought a Pendleton Somerby electric bike and am really pleased with it. Quick query about charging. Should the light on the charger itself show green when it’s charging? I was told whilst charging it should be red.
I’m down to just under 80% and want to top it up but not sure if the charger is working properly ... the manual is rubbish and doesn’t explain much.

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Re: Charger query for Pendleton Somerby

Postby stodd » 13 Jun 2020, 9:45pm

Almost all chargers show red while charging and turn green when charged. (don't leave on on green too long too often).

Some batteries have a switch which must be on to allow charging. With such a battery on off the charger would show green at once. I'm not sure if that applies to your bike though, but worth checking.

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Re: Charger query for Pendleton Somerby

Postby hemo » 14 Jun 2020, 1:45pm

When the charger goes Green it usually indicates the battery is charged but may still be balancing and this is carried out using only about 50ma , there are lots of myths saying you shouldn't leave it but in reality the BMS will shut off the charge current so there is little chance of over charging. An hour or two won't hurt, one will do more harm by charging to full and not using it as you run the risk over time of causing internal cell resistance adding to earlier cell ageing decreasing the cycle life. Internal cell resistance leads to more voltage sag, decrease in capacity, less range and ultimately battery cut outs as a higher load is asked of it..