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Cairn adventure

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 7:50pm
by bikercolin
Following struggling with a knee injury for some time, I have taken plunge and bought one of these.
I waited until I have covered my first 1000k to report.

First impressions were good, however on my first rides it developed a problem with an intermittent cut out.
Following sending pictures to Fazua and Cairn. They offered a refund or replacement bike.

I took the new bike and have to say it's a revalation.
It feels much like cycling a normal bike with the wind behind you on Breeze mode. With the Black Pepper software upgrade it suits my cadence perfectly.
Range for a 95kg rider over a course with 750m of climbing is around 80k. This reduces quickly if you use the more powerful levels of assistance.

The group set wheels and finishing kit is all great quality, particularly the Hunt wheels. I also really like the single chain ring up front that runs faultlesly.

I have ridden 50k without the battery and motor and come to the conclusion of 'why would you'.

Everyone who has seen it loves the look of the bike, with others in my club considering the switch.

Nothing really not to like here, of lockdown allows I will be taking it to the Pecos Europa in September with a spare battery pack and rack.

Re: Cairn adventure

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 7:54pm
by bikercolin
A review not dissimilar to my experience of the bike. ... nture-1-0#

Re: Cairn adventure

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 8:46pm
by Dirk
I bought a Cairn Adventure a few months ago and totally agree! To be honest, when I first had the bike I thought it was uninspiring but I was wrongly comparing it with my Shimano powered MTB. But after I installed the new 'Black Pepper' software update... what a difference!!
Now its my default go to bike and now the MTB is the one left behind.

Re: Cairn adventure

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 8:51pm
by bikercolin
I hear Fazua have another update due in July.

Re: Cairn adventure

Posted: 17 Jun 2020, 7:43pm
by Dirk
I read somewhere that they are planning to update the phone App to include 'tuning on the trail'. I wonder if that's it?