help choosing - am eyeing Ribble Hybrid LAe

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help choosing - am eyeing Ribble Hybrid LAe

Postby ShoppingBirdie » 1 Sep 2020, 10:57am

I want to buy my first AND last ebike. Priorities: light, sleek and manoeuvrable, affordable.
Hence am looking at the Ribble. Any feedback? suggestions? this ebike choosing appears a minefield!

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Re: help choosing - am eyeing Ribble Hybrid LAe

Postby richtea99 » 2 Sep 2020, 12:00am

I have an Orbea Gain with the same ebikemotion system at about the same price, maybe £200 less if discounted.
I'd say if you're an existing cyclist looking for a little boost, then the ebikemotion system is a good compromise.

I get the impression (from other ebike forums) that if you're not already into cycling and you're looking for a 'free ride' so to speak, the ebikemotion system may disappoint, since you do have to put some effort in. But that's the whole point - it's a balance of lugging a heavy battery around with endless assistance, versus a lightweight solution, but taking part!

Mine is a replacement for a 20 year old tourer - it's about 1-2Kgs more weight, which on the flat and minor inclines is neither here nor there. But when I reach a steep hill I can choose use the motor, and usually just in the lowest of 3 modes, taking the sting out of the hill.

The other lighweight system you might want to consider is the Fazua one. Our family has one of each type (ebikemotion & Fazua), and I'd say the Fazua is slightly slicker in design, but then again, it's going to bne pricier. Have a look at Boardman, Canyon Endurace:ON 7.0 and Cairn E-Adventure - they all look reasonably well-made.

Will it be your first & last? I doubt it. You'll get hooked.