Hub motor clunked and died?

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Hub motor clunked and died?

Postby Chrisg149 » 4 Sep 2020, 12:43pm

My old (adapted over many years) electric bike now has a 36v 250w rear hub motor. With the old style twist throttle on full I pedaled up a long very steep hill. Nearing the top I heard a clunk from the rear hub motor and it instantly died. If I now twist the throttle I can hear a very faint click within the hub motor. Any ideas on what went? What to do next? Is it repairable or should I buy a replacement? I'm okay with general DIY but have never removed hub motor. Advice appreciated.

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Re: Hub motor clunked and died?

Postby stodd » 4 Sep 2020, 6:27pm

You will probably get more comprehensive advice from ... cussion.2/

Could be burned out hall sensors or something in the controller.
I'm afraid I can't help other than that myself ... good luck with it.