Safe switching on and off

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Safe switching on and off

Postby PAB855 » 14 Nov 2020, 4:26pm

I have a Haibike Sduro 4.0 which is suiting me perfectly as far as riding it is concerned.

What bothers me a little is the very sensitive on/off switch on the display at the LH end of the handlebars. I've inadvertently switched it on while pushing the bike backwards into my garage to lock it in its place. I've also heard of mechanics having serious injuries inflicted to their fingers while working on the bike, it's such a faff to remove the battery. I worry about handling the bike at times such as fixing a puncture or simply wheeling it along other than in walk assist mode. To be safe, I feel I should remove the battery before carrying out any work on it.
I prefer systems with a switch for the the battery and another switch as part of the control.

What's your opinion?

I've even considered putting in an in line switch between the battery and the control.

Is that feasible?

Cheers. I still have 10 fingers!

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Re: Safe switching on and off

Postby mjr » 14 Nov 2020, 6:32pm

Keep removing the battery for now. Less faffing than getting fingers reattached.

I'd want a master switch too. No idea if it's possible on yours.
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