Bafang and BB thread damage ??

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Bafang and BB thread damage ??

Postby tenbikes » 30 Nov 2020, 6:39pm

I'm hoping to fit a Bafang mid motor on a steel frame. I note from looking at web diagrams etc that the unit does not seem to make use of the BB threads, which begs the question: do the threads get damaged?

The main reason I'm converting a 'proper' bike rather than buying a dedicated e Bike is that I want to be able to convert back, or at least have the option, at a later date.


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Re: Bafang and BB thread damage ??

Postby willcee » 2 Dec 2020, 5:43pm

Yes and No.. is my answer... having to date built 20ish...the Bafang insert which contains their bracket axle brgs and an exterior shell on which you tighten a large steel assembly nut under which is their pukka motor bracket to stabilise the whole assembly.. some of them insert straight thru, some you have to sand the paint off ,some you have to ensure that there is no under bracket cable attachment bolt protruding down and some you have to sand the innermost threads down a few mm as the insert seems to stick on some frames mid bracket shell, that said on the worst case i had, a steel 631 frame I converted it rode it several times found i needed bigger tyres they didn't fit so returned it to std again with no post conversion issues... in place of a cable underbkt do dah i use that smooth black cable cover used on top quality MTB's where exterior cable is covered under top tubes etc.. will