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Whirlwind c4 or segway e45e

Posted: 3 Jan 2021, 12:03pm
by Cartoonhead
Can't decide if I should get a cheap e bike or cheap e scooter, fancy a toy for myself.

will be used mainly for riding in the park as my daughter has a small segway e10

and maybe taken it with me on days out also considering using it for popping to the shops and back / around town.

Mentioning this bike as it looks fun tho am considering getting a gtech e sport in the summer.

Mostly intrest in any opinions on the whirlwind c4

Re: Whirlwind c4 or segway e45e

Posted: 3 Jan 2021, 4:21pm
by mattsccm
Suggest you check the legality of scooters.

Re: Whirlwind c4 or segway e45e

Posted: 3 Jan 2021, 4:23pm
by Cyril Haearn
I thought segways had died out, not seen any for a while

Re: Whirlwind c4 or segway e45e

Posted: 3 Jan 2021, 4:48pm
by landsurfer
Tread carefully folks ..... watch what you recommend ... or don't .... you wouldn't want to be mis -quoted ... in another journal.

Re: Whirlwind c4 or segway e45e

Posted: 4 Jan 2021, 12:34pm
by stodd
I saw a couple of kids on segways yesterday. Riding pretty carefully on a shared bike/pedestrian path; almost certainly not strictly legal but not actually dangerous.

I think it is pretty clear that scooters aren't legal on road or off road in public places, with the exception of some rentals during experimental period.

The Whirlwind has a tiny battery (a good way of cost saving) so will have very limited range, especially if you use heavy assist. 'Endurance mileage: 35 miles' will only be on flat with a following wind and you doing all the work. 14" wheels aren't going to be much fun for serious riding either. Those may not be a problem for OP's intended use. I don't like the way the battery connection works with the fold. It will probably be very difficult to find a battery replacement when the time comes; but I think it may well be a toy you have abandoned before that time comes anyway.

At that price the components won't be top quality, and you may well get problems with things like the hinge. I suspect that with modern manufacturing the really bad bicycle shaped objects aren't as bad as the used to be. You will still be getting a very basic ebike, but it may be good value for you if it meets your needs and you keep your expectations low. (I'd be interested to try one or similar just to see what it really is like.)