what power/speed would you like if no regulations

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what power/speed would you like if no regulations

Postby stodd » 11 Jan 2021, 6:02pm

I didn't want to hijack another thread but it and our answers made me think;
what power and speed of ebike would I choose if there weren't the regulations?

I very much agree with the regulations as they are; I think they are appropriate to our (and many other countries).
I'm most certainly not one of those petitioning for increased power or speed.
BUT if those regulations weren't there what would I choose for myself? I'm not sure.

There should maybe be some relaxation to make them more appropriate to people with various handicaps.

ndwgolf wrote:I'm THINKING of converting my Santa Cruz Highball CC to an eBike using a Bafang 1000 cc Mid frame motor. I am 63 years old and overweight (120kg). I live in Phuket Thailand where there are lots of fantastic rides away from the crazy Thai drivers but it involves quite a lot of hills that I really struggle on........... so that is the reason I am thinking of converting my bike to an eBike (to take car of the hills so that I can keep up with my mates who are younger and a lot fitter).
Cost wise the 1000cc kit comes in at about £1100 here in Thailand for everything.

Anyway what do the gang think..........good idea or bad?


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Re: what power/speed would you like if no regulations

Postby hemo » 11 Jan 2021, 11:26pm

With speed comes the need for larger batteries, like wise the controller dictates current = power so in theory more battery wh is used up.
Ideally if starting from scratch I would go 13 or 14s and about 18a for about 730w power if needed. That said my bikes currently output 620w at 36v or over 800w temporarily at 48v using higher current.
Currently one can use any controller rating they wish as the rules do not specify controller power, just that the motor must be rated at 250w nominal power, there are no upper power rating stipulations regarding any temporary power.

Even todays Bosch,Yamaha & Steps can exceed 600 -700w temporary with the 300% assist level.
Once these early bikes were about 40nm and rated 250w, today some of them claim 100nm and still 250w rating. 60 extra nm torque doesn't appear out of thin air so the motors have to be producing the extra power via higher current.