Cycling Minister

John Holiday
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Cycling Minister

Postby John Holiday » 11 Feb 2020, 2:02pm

Just been looking at latest issue of Cycle magazine and article regarding MP Chris Heaton-Harris,who apparently is Minister for Cycling.
He states that he rides about once every two weeks!
Says it all really.
Compare Netherlands, Finland etc.
Will we ever get improved conditions for Active Travel?

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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby [XAP]Bob » 11 Feb 2020, 6:17pm

Travel? What does cycling have to do with travel?

You load up the car, drive to the towpath (at the end of your road) and then tootle the 400 yards to the pub for lunch.
A shortcut has to be a challenge, otherwise it would just be the way. No situation is so dire that panic cannot make it worse.
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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby Campag » 11 Feb 2020, 7:07pm

There are a very high percentage of Tory ministers who are from wealthy families, have been privately educated, and went to Oxford or Cambridge. Then to jobs in financial services, politics, or political 'think tanks'. Surprisingly enough their grasp of everyday life is limited.

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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby atlas_shrugged » 11 Feb 2020, 8:20pm

And bizarrely whilst at Oxford or Cambridge they will have cycled quite a bit - since students are banned from having cars.

But when it comes to doing anything to Prioritise Active Travel when in power then they are wanting.

The exceptions may be:
Boris: London cycle super-highways
Gilligan: Running out of road report

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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby ChrisButch » 11 Feb 2020, 8:53pm

Given the cycling investment announced today, which turns out to be nothing added to the paltry sum already promised (what a surprise), it looks as if the 'cycling minister' won't have a great deal to do anyway.

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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby Si » 14 Feb 2020, 9:47am

To be fair, the minister for cycling doesn't have to be a regular the minister for health doesn't have to be a doctor or the minister for war (whatever their real title is) doesn't have to be an active soldier, etc.

What they do need to be is very capable and determined to do the job properly with support from their government and its policies. This, I think, is where things fall down.

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Re: Cycling Minister

Postby reohn2 » 14 Feb 2020, 9:59am

I should think the cycling minister's office would be a dusty one with just a polished seat and part of his/her desk where s/he has had their feet up on it :wink: or should that be :evil:
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