Kickstarter - CyclingUK asking for donations to fund "close pass" mats.

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Re: Kickstarter - CyclingUK asking for donations to fund "close pass" mats.

Postby thirdcrank » 9 Jan 2021, 5:19pm

An update on a long-running topic.

While reading about the enforcement of coronavirus regs I came across this about Operation Close Pass in Derbyshire:-

'Operation Close Pass' will taking place across the county, between 23-29 November 2020. This initiative will focus on educating road users to ensure they provide a safe passing distance to cyclists when overtaking and advising cyclists on riding safely and legally. ... -cyclists/

I was going to ask if any local riders had noticed. I remembered this from rareposter, who doesn't give a date:-

Best one I had for that was riding along a busy road in the Peak District between two popular tourist villages and there was a police 4x4 parked up very prominently on a bend, visible from both ways. The road can occasionally be a bit of a racetrack and it's got a few bends that catch drivers out.

I was wearing good hi-vis and had front & rear flashing lights and had a helmet mounted light (not turned on) as I knew my ride would be finishing in darkness. The policeman waved as I passed and I'm guessing the drivers behind me must have thought that I was part of some sort of close-pass operation. Every one of them almost climbed the opposite pavement as they overtook safely and carefully and considerately.

The helmet-mounted light does actually look a lot like a camera so I think the whole ensemble worked with thee police presence to give drivers the idea that there might be consequences to their actions. Need that all the time!


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Re: Kickstarter - CyclingUK asking for donations to fund "close pass" mats.

Postby PH » 9 Jan 2021, 6:02pm

I've seen the Derbyshire mat out and in use twice and heard about other sightings probably another three times, none last November, though I've obviously seen less people recently.
Derbyshire Police were initially very reluctant to take up the offer of a mat, it took a bit of pressure from several organisations. I don't know if their attitude has changed or if they only do what they feel obliged to.