Toucans: did they try dumb pelican ones first?

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Toucans: did they try dumb pelican ones first?

Postby SA_SA_SA » 20 Nov 2015, 12:01pm

It occurs to me the cleverness (person detection) of current (farside) toucans is an optional extra:

a cyclist should be capable of matching the speed of a fit pedestrian so lighting a green cycle symbol during the steady green figure phase (perhaps extended a little?) of a pelican-type crossing and extinguishing it during the flashing figure phase could have sufficed?

As fixed time(dumb) toucans (with short blackout instead of flashing) exist at traffic light controlled junctions, I suppose the answer is yes.

NB the Australians use a flashing red figure rather than flashing green: some part of me wonders if that makes more or less sense.
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