More anti-cycling C"£$

Dick Dastardly

Re:More anti-cycling C"£$

Postby Dick Dastardly » 11 Oct 2005, 7:42pm

Jeremy Vine is an antagonistic interuppting real life Alan Partridge....
In fact if Sarah(wittering Mrs Partridge?) Kennedy got the heave, Wogan was replaced with Jonothan Ross permanently, Vine got the heave and Steve Wrights "gang" were whittled down from about 15 to a couple R2 would be worth listening to. Only Ken Bruce deserves his pay IMHO!!!


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Postby gar » 12 Oct 2005, 4:30pm


Since the subject is fairly open above, May I say that TV/radio presenters do the easiest job very badly for the highest pay.

The one skill which takes must some learning is presenting a peak time TV news programme on an outside broadcast with only the sound to go by.

Parkinson who has pretended to be 6'4" for many years by only ever being photographed alongside Ronnie Corbett who is 4'3" , making the 4'11" Parkinson seem like a former Wimbledon tennis star and Cricket player put together, is the worst offender.
He shouoid have been sentenced to the axe 25 years ago.


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Postby belgiangoth » 20 Oct 2005, 2:08pm

I'd be happy with a road tax.

As road tax is dependant on the type of vehicle you drive, with minis/micas paying less than estates who pay less than SUVs who pay less than lorries, then road tax on a bike would work out at either tuppence a year, or the government paying me to ride my bike.


Re:More anti-cycling C"£$

Postby gar » 20 Oct 2005, 7:09pm

I dropped a line to Sarah Wittering Partriudge Kennedy to let her know the new name. I don't know whether she was amused or not.